Regulatory Audit Support

Regulated facilities are accustomed to annual site-visits and audits by their state environmental regulatory agency. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also performs site-visits and audits and may determine violations and penalties that state agencies did not consider to be violations. EPA audits can be announced or unannounced, and some facilities have never experienced a visit […]

The Importance of a Potable Water Cross-Connection Survey

A Potable Water Cross-Connection Survey (PWCC) is an important safety measure to ensure the integrity of potable water provided for human consumption throughout a facility. When facilities have widespread piping and various construction projects, unintentional connections can be made into the potable water system. A cross-connection survey is useful for finding such connections. The survey […]

Semiannual Reporting Deadline is Approaching

Semiannual reporting season is fast approaching! July 31 is the deadline for semiannual air monitoring and compliance certifications. If your facility is subject to National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) or New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), you are likely already aware of this upcoming deadline. Environmental 360 can help with compliance reports from […]

Visual Management System Tools to Increase Employee Safety

Safety professionals spend hundreds of hours developing, training, and implementing safe work procedures. After all, this is a fundamental part of the health and safety programs we develop. Written programs and training sign-off sheets, unfortunately, do little to ensure employees follow the procedures we spend so much time creating. A great way to build employee engagement […]

Georgia and Alabama Industrial Stormwater Permits Expiring This Year

It’s stormwater permit renewal time in Georgia and Alabama! Georgia’s industrial stormwater permit expires May 31, 2022. Permittees regulated under the current permit should submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to renew their permit coverage. Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division requires NOIs be submitted through their online system for permitting and compliance, GEOS. The deadline for […]

Nuisance Pigeon Management

Industrial hygiene, health, and safety rank among the top concerns of every manufacturer in the US. Without strategic, meaningful countermeasures in place, industrial facilities can lose employees or contractors because of accidents due to negligence of the smallest concerns. Many times, the major concerns such as, lock out tag out, the use of heavy machinery, […]

CEMS Winterization

With the arrival of colder temperatures, there are some factors that can heavily influence the reliability of dilution and extractive CEMS systems. For dilution CEMS systems, it is extremely important that the air be as clean and dry as possible, allowing for the best stability of the system. As important as it is, air supply […]

We Can Help With Year-End Reporting

Year-end reporting got you down? Environmental 360 has you covered! Environmental 360 recognizes the year-round reporting burden our clients face, and we are here to help. Environmental 360 has experience with federal reporting tools on EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX), including Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface (CEDRI), as well as various states’ electronic reporting […]

Fish Tissue Sampling

Does your NPDES permit require you to collect fish tissue samples? If so, Environmental 360 can help! Our team members have experience collecting composite fish tissue samples for facilities around the southeast. Many facilities that are located on or near bodies of water are subject to periodic fish tissue sampling depending on your state-specific requirements. […]

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