Natural Resource Services

Science-based biological services

Environmental 360’s natural resources team provides trusted personalized service to our large industry and commercial clients across the country. Our team is comprised of environmental professionals who provide a variety of natural resource services.

Nuisance species, such as feral hogs, beavers, nutria, pigeons, and vultures, can present costly and unsafe conditions to industrial and commercial sites. Feral hogs, beavers, and nutria routinely damage wastewater treatment pond liners, levees, and other infrastructure while pigeons, vultures, and other birds can pose health hazards and unsanitary conditions if present around finished products, drinking water supplies, or work areas. Our wildlife and nuisance species management projects incorporate a high-level science-based approach to managing these species with a personalized interest in ensuring the client’s goals for his/her property or facility are achieved.

Client locations

Providing environmental solutions to a Large geographic area.