Celebration Across the Country

Posted on November 2, 2020

Throughout October, the Environmental 360 team had the joy of celebrating 10-years of service. We reminisced over achievements and team members the past 10 years brought, rolled out a special edition logo, and had picnics around the country!

Since our team is located throughout the United States, we could not all be together to commemorate this milestone anniversary, but that did not stop us from celebrating. Each team member received the making of a picnic and was encouraged to take their families on a picnic in honor of our 10th anniversary. We have so enjoyed hearing how each family took intentional time to get out in nature to celebrate.

The team members located in our headquarters of Murfreesboro, TN gathered for a socially distant picnic. Being together gave the team time to catch up and reflect on the company’s progression over the past ten years. Co-founder David Owen reflected on how the business and services have evolved beyond where he and Cory Martin imagined 10 years ago. While things have changed, the mission of providing service-oriented environmental and natural resources consulting with a focus on cutting-edge technological solutions still rings true. As a team, we look forward to where this mission takes us over the next 10 years.

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