Intentional Time Together for Team Bonding and Vision Casting

Posted on February 17, 2021

A few weeks ago, our team kicked off the New Year with our bi-annual team meeting. We, again, gathered virtually instead of at our headquarters in Murfreesboro, TN. While we miss seeing each other in person, we made intentional time between sessions for each team member to answer fun questions about themselves. These questions ranged from, “What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?” to “If you could obtain any skill instantaneously, what would it be?” This activity allowed the team to learn something new about everyone despite the distance. 

Aside from our trivia questions, we had a packed agenda welcoming new team members, going over 2021 goals, marketing lessons, and safety training. Our President, David Owen, then demonstrated an exciting new compliance application our team has been developing over the past two years. This was the most anticipated portion of our meeting as we previewed our new software together as a team and saw our vision come to life. We also cannot wait to show you in 2021!

After the final trivia question, our team broke off into different training rooms by utilizing Microsoft Team’s breakout rooms. Each colleague picked between attending mini-trainings in CEMS/COMS, LDAR, or SPCC/SWPPP. During these sessions, our industry experts shared any new industry developments, trained our team in areas of deficiency, and answered questions from other team members. This time allowed everyone to expand their knowledge within their trained areas or explore new areas of the business. 

One of the new team members we met during our team meeting was Brandon Nobles. Brandon joined our team as a Staff Scientist I in September bringing with him experience in natural resources, such as trapping wildlife and nuisance animals. He graduated from Georgia Southern Armstrong University with a Cell & Molecular Biology degree in December 2020. During his time in college, he participated in undergraduate research in gene sequencing to grasp a better understanding of lab techniques, fieldwork, and data collection. Brandon serves the Southern Georgia and Northern Florida area clients in monthly, quarterly, and annual environmental compliance inspections, particularly LDAR and SPCC.

Our time together allowed us to fellowship, learn from each other, and create a clear vision for 2021. 

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