Announcing EHSTracks

Posted on June 7, 2021

Introducing EHSTracks

We are excited to announce the launch of EHSTracks, a software suite that houses various applications that will revolutionize how your team performs, monitors, and assesses your environmental, health, and safety inspections.  Our experienced team, who have dedicated their careers to compliance inspections, has been designing this software for the past two years, and we are excited to finally share our work with you!

How it Works

We have created a one-of-a-kind, patent-pending GPS technology that will allow inspectors to follow a map directly to a monitoring point. The application can be customized to each facility’s unique compliance requirements during the set-up process which is easily configured by the user.  This technology is incorporated into a cloud-based platform, making all data from our web-based application or Android tablet application available instantly.  You can even manage multiple facilities with one login. 

This technology also tracks the user in relation to the inspection point to eliminate pencil whipping.  If the user is not located within a predetermined distance from the inspection point, the user will be warned by the application. If the user proceeds anyway, the report will note that the user was outside of the predetermined distance.

The Benefits

The suite will allow each facility to complete more inspections and monitor more efficiently.  It does this in several ways:

– Setting up a new facility will be quicker and more effective for future inspections.

– It allows in-house personnel or contractors to start with no printed forms and reduced training time.

– The real-time tracking provides directions for inspectors to each inspection point.

– Photos are incorporated to both the inspection point configuration and deficiencies found during monitoring and inspections.

– Once at the inspection point, the streamlined digital process eliminates unnecessary questions reducing the time spent at each object.

– Post-inspection, it eliminates data entry of field notes.

– Inspection results, inspection point edits, and facility setup changes are all incorporated real-time to the cloud and immediately accessible on a desktop computer or the Android application.

With EHSTracks, each facility can have peace of mind knowing that their inspections were done thoroughly and accurately, leaving nothing unchecked.

What Compliance Programs are Available

LDARTracks and SPCCTracks are the first two applications available in the EHSTracks suite of environmental, health, and safety inspection applications.  LDARTracks will revolutionize the way facilities address their Leak Detection and Repair program.  SPCCTracks will transform and take the guesswork out of Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures inspections.

Our applications for stormwater, waste, safety, and CEMS are soon to launch as part of our comprehensive suite of applications.

To learn more about EHSTracks and how it can be an asset to your organization, please contact us by emailing or call our office at 877.545.e360.

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