Introducing LDARTracks

Posted on July 19, 2021

LDARTracks is available in the EHSTracks suite of environmental, health, and safety inspection applications. 

LDARTracks is unlike any LDAR database application currently in the market.  The application provides the user a map, showing all the inspections points, and tracks the user in real time in relation to each inspection point.  Data is synced immediately to the cloud and can be accessed on the Android tablet or web-based application.  LDARTracks is designed so every facility can customize their application to satisfy the specific inspection and monitoring regulatory requirements for their site. In addition to process specific inspection and monitoring requirements, facilities can customize pre and post inspection questions to facilitate their monitoring program. All inspection data syncs from the tablet application to the cloud allowing your team to monitor inspection reports, track compliance, and edit components for hundreds of facilities at a time using the web application. 

LDARTracks makes setting up a new facility more effective and accurate for future inspections. When setting up a new facility, inspection points can be located on a map and assigned the correct monitoring method, monitoring frequency, and leak definition. A photo is taken to visually reinforce what the inspection point looks like in the field.  LDARTracks also makes updating and adding inspection points easy as your facility changes via the web application. With one lap around your facility, LDARTracks is ready for its first inspection.

LDARTracks allows in-house personnel or contractors to start an inspection with no printed forms, easily locate all inspection points and reduce training time. The real-time tracking provides directions for inspectors to each inspection point. Once at the inspection point, the streamlined digital process eliminates unnecessary questions, reducing the time spent at each component.  If the user is not located within a predetermined distance from the inspection point, the user will be warned by the application. If the user proceeds anyway, the report will note that the user was outside of the predetermined distance.

Post-inspection, LDARTracks eliminates data entry of field notes; all pre-inspection quality control data, calibration data, and monitoring data is constantly syncing with the cloud. Upon completion of the monitoring or inspections, reports are immediately available on the web application and can be downloaded to PDF or Excel formats.

Our LDAR experts at Environmental 360 are eager to help your facility revolutionize its inspection program by setting up LDARTracks and performing LDAR inspections for your facility.

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