The Importance of a Potable Water Cross-Connection Survey

A Potable Water Cross-Connection Survey (PWCC) is an important safety measure to ensure the integrity of potable water provided for human consumption throughout a facility. When facilities have widespread piping and various construction projects, unintentional connections can be made into the potable water system. A cross-connection survey is useful for finding such connections. The survey can identify potentially harmful conditions including hoses attached to sink faucets that don’t have vacuum breakers, improperly functioning backflow prevention devices, direct connections to chemical storage or process equipment, or defects in the piping or fittings. A common survey finding is a stated potable water faucet connected to a non-potable water, e.g., a breakroom sink connected to a process water supply line.

Completing a PWCC survey at a facility allows for corrective actions to be taken to prevent injury or illness. Environmental 360 has experience in performing Potable Water Cross-Connection Surveys and can provide this service for your facility. Contact us today for more information.

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