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Environmental 360 provides a range of environmental, health, and safety services for our clients, including some not listed here.
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Automated Environmental Reporting Systems

We have developed and audited reporting systems on such software as PI ProcessBook, Proficy, and Capstone.

EHS Compliance Audits and Audit Support

We offer compliance audits complete with any necessary permitting for both new construction and existing facilities and audit support for EPA, state, or internal corporate audits.

Compliance Reporting

Environmental 360 can provide turn-key SARA 312 and 313, Tier I & II, Boiler MACT, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), and other regulatory reporting by gathering data in the field or through data searches for our clients. We can perform the calculations, prepare inventories, and report the results in EPA’s online reporting system.

HAZCOM/Global Harmonization Standard Compliance

We can assess the condition of the container labeling program by providing a site survey to inventory containers and document the presence and type of labeling on each container. Additionally, our team can assist with updating MSDS records with the new required SDS records for chemicals, and we can train your staff on the updated requirements and programs implemented by GHS.

MACT/NSPS/BACT Compliance Services

Our team of air compliance experts can provide comprehensive permitting, permit modification, reporting, compliance plan development, and training for NSPS and NESHAP programs in multiple industries. We take the data-gathering burden off our clients by gathering the data for our clients at their sites or coordinating information-gathering sessions with operations personnel. We then process that data into compliance programs that are as seamless as possible to achieve regulatory compliance and operational functionality. Our team provides emissions inventories, quarterly/semi-annual/annual compliance reports, and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions reports for multiple clients.

Multi-Media Permitting and Compliance Plans

We specialize in air, water, and waste permitting and compliance plan development.

Plant Inventory and Asset Management Services

We can inventory assets and implement software to manage your facility’s assets.

Solid and Hazardous Waste Compliance

We help you meet your state regulatory requirements and federal requirements under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Wastewater Testing and Permitting Services

Our team provides NPDES permitting and reporting assistance to our clients. Over the course of the permit, we provide sampling services, data analysis, and reporting as required by the NPDES permit.

Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV)

Environmental 360 is certified to operate a UAV on-site for many services like site inventories, LDAR Programs, and Fugitive Emissions Program setup.

Tag Development, Printing, and Installation

Tag development and printing are available and customizable for tanks, components, and other equipment at your facility. Additionally, we will take care of your installation.

In-House Team Extension

If your facility is facing staffing shortages or has team members who are new to the industry, Environmental 360 can assist by filling the gaps in your Environmental Department. Our team’s expertise allows us to provide support either on-site or remotely, offering a range of services to help maintain compliance, particularly during turnover times.

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