Fish Tissue Sampling

Does your NPDES permit require you to collect fish tissue samples? If so, Environmental 360 can help! Our team members have experience collecting composite fish tissue samples for facilities around the southeast. Many facilities that are located on or near bodies of water are subject to periodic fish tissue sampling depending on your state-specific requirements. Typically, fish tissue sampling should occur at least every 5 years. There are many chemicals that can be discharged by a facility, including, but not limited to, dioxins. If your facility has an on-site bleach plant, you must collect tissue samples to ensure the fish aren’t exposed to high levels of dioxins.

How can we help?

Our team members work with local wildlife resource agencies in obtaining scientific permits in order to collect tissue samples. We generally use electrofishing methods to collect specific size and species of fish following the state and permit requirements. This method allows us to easily determine the species and sizes without taking them out of the water and only collect what is needed.

Why does it matter?

Periodic fish tissue sampling ensures your facility is not discharging pollutants that cause harm to fish or could potentially be harmful to humans when eating fish from that body of water.

If you are interested in learning more about how Environmental 360 can assist with fish tissue sampling, contact us today.

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