Tagging & Labeling for Environmental and Safety Management and Compliance


Certain regulations require components to be tagged or labeled while others only recommend it as a best management practice. In either case, there are significant benefits of having your system components tagged. Tagging helps facility personnel be proactive in identifying and repairing leaks even prior to regulatory inspections. It also allows inexperienced inspectors to confidently complete their inspection. After inspection, tagging can help maintenance personnel locate and repair the proper component.


While SPCC does not specifically require labels for tanks or equipment, having labels will help inspectors and maintenance identify regulated containers. If there is a leak or spill from a container, having a label identifying it as an SPCC container will alert personnel to follow the spill procedures detailed in the facility’s SPCC Plan.

Tanks and Piping

Labeling is an essential part of effective safety and environmental management and compliance. OSHA has various requirements for labeling tanks and piping throughout industrial facilities including the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). Process Safety Management (PSM) and internal Best Management Practices for labeling of pipes and tanks helps to identify process components and piping with ease, thereby reducing time spent trying to identify a pipe, tank, or component, streamlining operations, and reducing risk of employee safety hazards.

Labeling is an overall best management practice that shows state, federal, emergency, and corporate auditors that your facility is proactive by making tanks, piping, process equipment, and other containers easily identifiable to ensure hazard communication, monitoring, and repairs are regarded as high priority.

How Can Environmental 360 Help?

Environmental 360’s boots on the ground and professionals in the office can help with any phase of your labeling project from understanding regulations, to developing inventories, and developing and installing tags and labels.

You can use our variety of custom created tags and labels for LDAR components, SPCC containers, tanks, process vessels, and piping! For LDAR, you can even color code the tags to match different types of gases or liquids. 

If you are interested in having tags installed at your facility, contact us today for more information!

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