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At Environmental 360, our objective is to deliver comprehensive environmental solutions to our clientele, ensuring their adherence to regulatory requirements. While you may be aware of our extensive involvement in compliance inspections and the development of meticulous plans for LDAR, SPCC, and stormwater management, we want to highlight other service areas our team is proficient in. Functioning as a seamless extension of our clients’ environmental departments, we have even assumed the role of a dedicated environmental department for select facilities. Daily responsibilities managed by our team include:

Air Permitting & Compliance:

– Preparation and Renewal of Air Permit Applications

– Comprehensive Air Permit and NESHAP Reporting

– Air Emissions Inventory

– Ongoing Monitoring of Air Emission Trends

– Tracking CEM Downtime, CMS Downtime, Excess Emissions, NCG/SOG Venting, and Operating Time

– Calculation of Annual Capacity Factors and meticulous recording of boiler fuel usages, encompassing fuel oil, natural gas, bark, and black liquor solids

– Methodical Tracking and Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

– Monthly Management of RICE (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine) Hours Usage

– VOC/HAP Mass Balance Emissions Calculation and Tracking

Water/Wastewater Permitting & Compliance:

– Potable Water, Surface Water, Groundwater, Stormwater, and Wastewater Monitoring and Reporting

– NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) Notice of Intent

– Continuous Surveillance of Wastewater and Water Trends

– Oversight of the Effluent System

– Monthly Reporting of Effluent Data

– Management of Wastewater Pretreatment Activities

– Precise Data Entry for WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) Operations

– Calculation and Reporting of Water Usage

Waste Permitting and Compliance, along with Miscellaneous Tasks:

– Hazardous Waste Determination & Characterization

– Authorization Management for Solid Waste Disposal

– Toxic Release Inventory

– Tier I and Tier II Reporting

– TSDF (Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility) Audits

– Comprehensive Inspections of Central and Satellite Waste Accumulation Areas

– Hazardous Waste Contingency Plans

– Hazardous Waste Disposal Audits

– Managing Waste Manifests

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