Navigating Pipe Labeling: Enhance Workplace Safety Through Effective Labeling

Have you ever looked in a pipe rack and tried to figure out which pipe is which? Keeping track of what is in each pipe as it traverses through the facility is very cumbersome, and without proper labeling it is almost impossible. Pipe labeling in industrial settings is the best way to rapidly identify the contents of a pipe. Knowing the contents of a piping system allows for improved decision-making on how to work with and around the piping. Concerns of note when working around piping may be leaking fluids dripping into a work area, gas leaking into a work area, or an incorrect pipe being opened during a line breaking procedure. Being able to identify the contents of piping quickly and accurately saves lives. OSHA recommends the American National Standards Institute ANSI/ASME A13.1 standards for pipe labeling. The standards include label color, size, and location along the piping. Custom labeling can be created to maximize the information available to the workers in the area.

The options for labeling methods include hanging labels, pipe wraps, stickers, and paint. All methods and materials have pros and cons. Budget should be considered when designing a project as each method has a different cost associated with installation and maintenance. The materials used have a life expectancy depending on the environmental conditions the labels are exposed to. The conditions that should be considered are exposure to chemicals, piping temperature extremes, and exposure to elements such as ambient temperature, rain, wind, and UV. Access to the piping for installation and maintenance will also be considered when planning the method and style of the labels. Contact Environmental 360 and let us design, install, and maintain a labeling system that meets the unique needs of your facility.  


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