Manage Corrective Actions with EHSTracks

Inspections are just the beginning of compliance. Compliance ultimately depends on correcting any deficiencies found during an inspection. Regulations specify timetables in which corrective actions must be initiated or completed. EHSTracks can help you manage corrective actions, making sure any issues get corrected in a timely manner and that all the required documentation is in place for your next regulatory audit.

Most compliance managers know that managing and documenting corrective actions resulting from compliance inspections is often more challenging than getting the actual monitoring event completed. The EHSTracks corrective action feature is designed to streamline the process of documenting the corrective actions and repairs associated with compliance inspection findings. Whether it is leaks found during LDAR monitoring/inspections or rainwater in tank containment during SPCC inspections, the corrective action feature makes it easy to document and track all repair attempts whether they are new, in progress, or completed.

Maintenance professionals can enter corrective action details and photos directly into EHSTracks while the compliance staff can monitor corrective action deadlines and reports through the reporting feature. The ability to streamline this process saves time for both the maintenance personnel and the environmental staff.

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