Nuisance Feral Hog Management

Feral hogs were compromising the integrity of the wastewater treatment system levees and posing safety hazards for the employees at an industrial facility in South Alabama. Environmental 360 developed and implemented a trapping program that has resulted in the capture of over 250 feral hogs. The ongoing program includes monthly monitoring and trap maintenance activities as well as periodic trapping and euthanasia events as feral hog populations dictate.

Environmental 360 uses cutting-edge science and technology to maximize the control of feral hogs. We use euthanasia technology that is humane and subtle, and that is safe in an industrial environment. Corporations have approved our insurance and safety programs with some of the country’s strictest liability and safety requirements.


Nuisance Pigeon Management

A food-grade paper production company contracted Environmental 360 to remove pigeons from their paper warehouse space. Since the cost of food-grade paper is $10,000 per roll, pigeon feces on food-grade paper costs this facility a large amount of money each month. Environmental 360 was contracted to remove pigeons on a quarterly basis. The first quarter of removal activities was so successful that these services had not been needed by the company in any quarter since then.

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