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Environmental 360 performs multiple projects at facilities such as regular monthly SPCC inspections, monthly LDAR inspections, environmental field audits, periodic waste sampling, and stormwater inspection services along with any other needs the facilities may have. Because of Environmental 360’s great involvement and knowledge of the facilities, we have been asked multiple times to assist with internal and external audits at these facilities. 

In one such instance, the EPA showed up unannounced to perform an audit at a facility where Environmental 360 performs monthly inspections. Facility management asked Environmental 360 to stay and be a part of the entire audit process and lead field related activities. The Environmental 360 project manager was able to successfully navigate the audit and help provide supporting documentation requested by the auditor including records of the transformers on-site, disposal records, waste disposal records, and transformer fluid test results. Part of the services Environmental 360 provides to this facility includes the labeling of transformers with non-PCB labels where appropriate and monthly inspections of the transformers. The auditor requested a visual inspection of approximately 50 transformers on-site. The auditor was very satisfied with how the transformers were labeled and the documentation provided. 

In addition to the PCB Audit, the EPA requested records from the SPCC Plan. Environmental 360 prepared this facility’s SPCC Plan, updates it at least annually, and conducts monthly SPCC inspections, so these requests were answered confidently. 

On another instance, Environmental 360 was asked by a facility in advance to be on-site and assist during a week-long internal corporate audit at a pulp and paper facility in Georgia. The team members from Environmental 360 served as an extension of the facility’s team during this week assisting with administrative duties, assuring the compliance of the facility through examination of the plans, and walking the corporate team throughout the facility to answer any questions. The auditors gave high nods to the facilities for having such great record keeping and thorough reports on-site.

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