Environmental 360 currently provides LDAR services for over 60 facilities across the United States. Each of the facilities has used our experts to develop LDAR Site Inspection Plans which includes schematic drawings, checklists, and component tags. After these programs are developed, Environmental 360 continues to serve these facilities with OVA Inspections, EPA Method 21 Monitoring, and Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Monitoring as well as LDAR Site Inspection Plan updates as the systems are modified. 

Environmental 360 provides monthly, quarterly, and semiannual inspection services to over half of our LDAR clients. These inspections take the time and resource burden off of the facility and environmental operations staff and provide peace of mind that inspections are completed accurately and on time. For those clients who prefer to perform those inspections in-house, Environmental 360 provides annual LDAR refresher training for the in-house inspectors as recommended by EPA’s LDAR Best Management Practice guidelines.

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