Team Meeting a Success

Posted on January 28, 2015

Earlier this month the Environmental 360 team came together for another semiannual company meeting. The corporate office in Murfreesboro, TN underwent renovations over the last few months which included the addition of a large conference room. The conference room allowed the team to be all together as one unit in the same room, so it was the perfect place to hold the company meeting and was the first time the company meeting had been held at the corporate office. These meetings are crucial to the health of the company as they allow everyone to be updated on the financial status of the company, work together face-to-face, share ideas, and enjoy free time together to grow personal and professional relationships with one another.

Everyone at Environmental 360 is thankful for the growth the company continues to experience. Revenue continued to grow at 30% last year, and five new team members were added. With the expansion of team members, we are able to offer additional services to our clients which assists them in continual compliance with environmental regulations and keeping everyone on their team safe. We have added CEMS/COMS services, aquatic sampling, industrial hygiene and safety consulting services, and made a presence at industry-related tradeshows and conferences throughout the year. We have continued to expand into new pulp and paper facilities and have entered into the automotive, aerospace, coal, and power industry sectors.

We not only provide industrial hygiene and safety services for our clients, but we also place a high importance on our internal safety procedures lead by our in-house safety manager who came on-board in September and is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). He specializes in indoor air quality and the upcoming Globally Harmonized System (GHS) implementation. The team went through a very in-depth and thorough safety training class during the company meeting to keep safety on the top of everyone’s mind. The internal company safety procedures and safety forms were also updated during this time. The team works in environments every day that could possibly pose a threat to safety, so it is Environmental 360’s top priority to remind everyone at the semiannual meetings to not get complacent when it comes to safety. Because of our commitment to safety, we have an “A” rating with ISNetworld and are also members of Cognibox.

The team was updated on how the CEMS/COMS installation, routine maintenance, calibration, and emergency response services are growing and was informed of upcoming training seminars to increase our team’s expertise on these services. Already five of our current pulp and paper facilities have added our CEMS/COMS services with several facilities set to add these in 2015.

There were also several other refresher training sessions that took place during the week including LDAR, SPCC, Project Management, and ideas on how to appropriately market our services in order to benefit our current clients the most. This allowed our team to brainstorm and think outside of the box in order to keep our clients up-to-date on all new, existing, and revised regulations.

The meeting wrapped up with an overview on how everyone executed the goals that were set for 2014 and a time to set the goals for 2015 as a team which gives more ownership to each person and more motivation to reach these goals.Dinnerat417

The philosophy of Environmental 360 is a balance in life in order to perform at our best. In other words, we know how to work hard and play hard. Each night the meeting was followed by relaxing time with dinner, games, and entertainment. The first night the team and their spouses were invited to hang out for a relaxing night in Murfreesboro and the next night was fun in downtown Nashville. The meeting concluded with everyone ready to hit the ground running in 2015. Exciting things are on the horizon for Environmental 360, and we know we have the loyalty of our clients and the hard work of our team members to thank for that.


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