Rick Joyner Joins Environmental 360

Posted on June 9, 2014

Environmental 360 welcomed Rick Joyner to the team last week. Rick comes with many years’ experience in many different facets, and we are excited to offer his skills and expertise to our clients. Rick has worked with military programs including aerostat or lighter than air systems, electromechanical control systems, PTDS, and TQG generators. Some of Rick’s work even took place in war zones in Afghanistan.  This has enabled him to become familiar with military operations.

Most recently Rick has managed CEMS and COMS systems as well as DAS and other supporting software. He also has experience working with opacity audits, RATA support, Linearity and CGA audits, and compiling reports to present to ADEM and EPA ensuring compliance with Part 60 and Part 75 of EPA/ADEM.

Rick has proven success in troubleshooting complex electrical systems and making production lines more efficient. Rick will be working with Environmental 360 as a Field Automation Services Manager and will offer our clients services with CEMS / COMS / CPMS. We are so excited to have his expertise on our team.

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