Environmental 360 Providing Feral Hog Management Services to Industrial Sites

Posted on February 15, 2012

Feral Hog Management programs have traditionally been implemented for natural resource habitat management and farmland crop preservation; however, Environmental 360 is beginning to provide Feral Hog Management Services to industrial sites and municipal wastewater treatment sites.  Many industrial facilities and wastewater treatment sites are adjacent to rivers and wetlands that are natural habitats for feral hogs.  As the feral hog population expands, their feeding areas are spilling into these facilities.  
As the feral hogs root up the wastewater treatment system levees, the levee’s integrity is compromised which makes them susceptible to a potentially catastrophic spill that would endanger both human safety and the environment.  Some of our clients have spent tens of thousands of dollars repairing levee damage from feral hog rooting.  Additionally, many facilities have safety concerns about these wild feral hogs inhabiting the same areas as the plant employees.   These liabilities coupled with the cost of repairing the damage have caused several facilities to implement feral hog management programs at their sites and the surrounding lands.  

Environmental 360 is a natural fit for these projects because of our company’s knowledge of feral hog removal and our extensive industrial experience. We have done extensive research on feral hog habits and removal techniques and our biologists have spent a large amount of time at industrial sites which makes us a good fit for any type of nuisance species removal in and around an industrial setting.  Additionally, our safety programs and insurance coverages are tailored for industrial requirements.  Environmental 360 uses scientific monitoring and trapping methods effectively communicate population levels to our clients and control the feral hog numbers in an area in a discreet manner.  For additional information on our feral hog management, nuisance species management, or any other natural resource management services, please contact Chuck Sykes, Biological Services Manager, at Chuck.Sykes@environmental360.com.

Source: E360 Old Site

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