Environmental 360 Performs Boiler MACT Fuel Analysis for Louisiana Facility

Posted on March 3, 2011

Environmental 360 has completed fuel analysis testing for waste water sludge and bark for a Louisiana facility that is assessing it’s ability to comply with the new Boiler MACT emission limits while using bark and wastewater sludge as boiler fuel.  The project was performed in conjunction with Eco-Systems, Inc. and PSC laboratories.  The scope of the project including developing the fuel analysis test plan, obtaining samples of the bark and wastewater sludge (which were provided to the laboratory for analysis), and preparing the notification of compliance status.  Facilities have the option of demonstrating compliance through fuel analysis for the Boiler MACT Mercury and Hydrochloric Acid emission limits.  For additional information concerning Boiler MACT compliance, contact Environmental 360 at (877) 545-3360.
Source: E360 Old Site

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