Environmental 360, Inc. Continues to Grow

Posted on January 1, 2014

We are proud of the year our hard-working team members had in 2013. We saw growth in every area. Our pulp and paper services expanded which allowed our team members to better anticipate and meet the needs of our new and existing clients. Our team members have also increased our pulp and paper client list to over 40 pulp and paper facilities located across the country. A balanced work and home life is promoted at Environmental 360 which leads to team members taking the initiative to work hard each day. The way we care about our team members carries over to the way our team members care about our clients.

The consistent growth in 2013 allowed us to add three full-time team members. With the expansion of the skills and knowledge of our team, we have been able to move into the utilities industry, as well as, focus on our natural resource services. Within our natural resource practice, the number of our projects involving SFI/FSC third-party audits as well as nuisance species solutions has risen significantly which we contribute to word-of-mouth from proven success.

We are very pleased to finish out 2013 with a steady and consistent growth over the year. We increased our revenues by nearly 40% which is due to our dedicated team members. Even with our significant growth, we have still kept our clients’ best interest a priority. This service-oriented approach stems from hard-working and high-integrity team members who foster this culture.

We look forward to growth in 2014 and beyond as we continue to serve our clients.

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