Environmental 360 Implements SSM Automated Reporting System for Abitibi-Bowater

Posted on February 2, 2011

Environmental 360 has completed the first phase of environmental reporting automation at the Abitibi-Bowater Calhoun, TN operation. The project started with an assessment of the facility’s Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction (SSM) reporting requirements. Environmental 360 worked with Abitibi-Bowater’s process control engineers to develop equations and algorithms that would trigger reporting events automatically for operators and allow them to report the events electronically using ProficyTM. Using Proficy, reporting forms were developed in “reason tree” format using drop down boxes based on the previously developed SSM procedures; this standardized the cause and corrective action choices for operators. The final stage of the project included training four shifts of operators for the two different areas that were subject to the SSM reporting. The facility hopes to automate the Title V and NPDES reporting programs as the next phase of the project. For more information about how Environmental 360 can assist your facility with automated environmental compliance reporting, contact David Owen at (877) 545-e360.
Source: E360 Old Site

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