Environmental 360 Completes Water Conservation Program in Conjunction with Groundwater Withdrawal Permit for Georgia Pulp and Paper Facility

Posted on February 20, 2012

The Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources requires industrial and municipal entities that withdraw surface or groundwater to obtain permits and to maintain Water Conservation Plans.  The permit applications require detailed information about the facility and the water withdrawal methods.  Water usage monitoring, leak detection and repair, employee involvement and training, and water conservation team meetings are just a few of the practices that should be included in the water conservation plan.  Additionally, the water conservation plan should document water conserving projects that have been performed in the past, their affect on water usage, and future water conservation projects.  Applications and water conservation plans should be submitted 180 days prior to planned withdrawal or to an existing permit’s expiration date.  For more information about water withdrawal permits and water conservation programs, please contact David Owen at David.Owen@environmental360.com
Source: E360 Old Site

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