2016 Company Meeting

Posted on March 9, 2016

Earlier this year the Environmental 360 corporate office in Murfreesboro hosted another annual company meeting. The Environmental 360 team continued to grow over 2015, so the conference room in the corporate office was busting at the seams with everyone present. It was time for the team to focus on specific areas: an update on the attainment of 2015 goals, review where the company is now, and new goals for 2016.

Yet again, Environmental 360 is able to offer new services based on the addition of new team members in 2015. A Wetland Biologist was added to the team in September and has already performed a wetland and stream delineation for 150 acres that has plans to be developed into a residential housing community near Atlanta, Georgia. A stream buffer variance application was also completed for a client with plans for a canoe launch along a creek. Environmental 360 is excited to expand the natural resource services and work with clients as their facilities and needs grow.

Each year the company meeting is used as a time to focus on safety. The team went through safety refresher training and chemical safety training. This is always a good time to keep potential dangers in the forefront of the team members’ minds so that they may never become complacent and always be aware of hazards. Environmental 360 has maintained the “A” rating with ISNetworld and continues to be a member of Cognibox.

The team was updated on each of our service areas to know what each person is seeing in the field and how to better serve our clients while keeping up with the new or revised regulations. The team also talked about ways to continually innovate the services we offer to keep them on the cutting edge of technology and industry needs. There is excitement to test some of these ideas in the field this year.

The team took time out of one afternoon to serve the local Murfreesboro community at The Journey Home. This is a facility in Murfreesboro that serves the homeless and at-risk individuals. It serves as a place for people who are homeless to be able to get a hot meal, food box, shower, clothes, and job training so that they can begin to live a life of independence. The Environmental 360 team assisted with organizing the clothes closet, packing food boxes, and cleaning the common areas. The Environmental 360 team also brought clothing and shoes to donate to The Journey Home. This was a time for the team to be grateful for what they have, thankful for the success of Environmental 360, and reflect on how to give back to others.

The company meetings always reiterate the philosophy of Environmental 360 which is work and life balance. The team worked hard during the day throughout the meeting and then relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company in the evening. This year the team and their families celebrated with dinner, exchanging Christmas gifts, and friendly board game competitions. Everyone here is thankful for the Environmental 360 team, the time we are able to spend together, and our clients who continuously support us. We look forward to making 2016 another great year.

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