Waste Management for Paper Mill

In an effort to assist a pulp and paper facility with the reduction of waste to landfills, Environmental 360 developed a comprehensive waste management program for a pulp and paper facility in South Carolina.

Environmental 360 started the project by performing a field audit to identify waste stream inventories; review waste generating processes; document information on currently defined waste management roles, responsibilities, and procedures; and collect training and waste stream records. 

After this site visit, Environmental 360 developed a Waste Management Plan that identified and characterized all waste within the mill including hazardous, non-hazardous, universal, infectious, and other waste. The comprehensive Plan also included proper procedures for staging, transporting, storing, and tracking this waste. The Plan also described disposal procedures and required recordkeeping. At the end of the site visit, Environmental 360 provided the mill with suggested areas for improvement to their waste management procedures.

The client was very pleased with the Waste Management Plan that Environmental 360 developed and is expected to perform Phase 2 of the Waste Management Program which includes tracking the cost of waste management and identifying methods to reduce waste generation and waste to landfills.

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