Q3 Company Meeting

Posted on June 28, 2014

Last week was the semiannual company meeting for Environmental 360 on Lake Guntersville in Alabama. Since much of the team is generally mobilized across the United States, these meetings are a great opportunity for everyone to come together, face-to-face, to update and refresh one another on new happenings throughout the company as it continues to grow and add new expertise areas.
E360 Company Meeting

This time together also helps to spark new ideas and ways in which we can better serve both our clients and our team. With the new services now offered by Environmental 360 in the CEMS/COMS/CPMS area, the team was able to brainstorm on how to educate our current clients on current and new continuous monitoring regulations. We are excited to be able to offer one more step in making our clients’ jobs easier, keeping their employees safe, and ensuring compliance with government regulations. The team also added ideas on how to make the internal processes within the company streamlined, which in turn leads to a better experience for our clients.

Safety is of utmost importance to Environmental 360. Since our team works in risky environments every day in large industrial facilities and natural environments, it is sometimes hard to remember just how dangerous the jobs can be. After a quick refresh on safety guidelines, the team added some additional ideas on how to go the extra step in keeping each other safe.


It wasn’t all work, however. Each day ended with dinner together, boat rides and fishing on the lake, and the traditional cornhole tournament. The families of each team member were also invited to join in the fun. This atmosphere helps to bond our team even more as we experience a few days together along with our families. The team came away recharged and ready to work harder for each other and our clients.

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