Expansion of Natural Resources Team with Carey Potter

Posted on November 26, 2012

Environmental 360 is thrilled to announce the addition of Carey Potter, Senior Scientist, as a part of the natural resources and wildlife management team. Carey graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Science and Forest Management as well as a minor in Business. He has over 15 years’ training in the forest products industry specializing in fiber procurement, reforestation, forest sustainability, forest thinning, prescribed burning, and forest inventory analysis.

Carey’s experience began as a resident manager at RockFence Station, a commercial hunting lodge. Here he managed 15,000 acres for deer, quail, and turkey to improve the habitat for these game species.

Carey then worked for The Timber Company, a land management company for Georgia Pacific, and Coosa Valley Woodland Services, Inc. He served clients by delivering forest management services to landowners. These services included forest investment enhancement, forest sustainability plans, timber appraisals, timber market feasibility studies, prescribed burns, and wildlife management solutions.

In addition to Carey’s experience and education, he has served as the SFI coordinator for RockTenn where he maintained RockTenn’s SFI certification and later their triple chain of custody certification with SFI, FSC, and PEFC. He also served on the Alabama SFI Implementation Committee. Carey is also a Registered Forester and Certified Wildlife Biologist in Alabama.

With all of Carey’s knowledge, skills, and work ethic, we know that he will serve our clients with the utmost service and trust. We are proud to have him on board with us.

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