Brandon Kennemur

Brandon Kennemur

Brandon Kennemur is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Environmental 360. Mr. Kennemur has been serving industrial clients for over 16 years. Upon graduating from Auburn University in 2002, he began his career with a small environmental consulting firm where he provided air compliance regulatory assistance to a base of industrial clients. He eventually took over as the firm’s leak detection and repair (LDAR) program manager for pulp and paper clients.

After two years, Mr. Kennemur acquired a position with a nationally recognized engineering and consulting firm. Starting out as a staff scientist, he continued to maintain and grow a large base of pulp and paper clients while expanding his expertise into the petrochemical and small manufacturing market. He gained valuable experience in the areas of SPCC, wastewater, stormwater, solid and hazardous waste, natural resources, and excelled in his work with LDAR and LDAR-related issues. During this time, Mr. Kennemur was promoted to project manager and was in charge of all management aspects of the LDAR program for over 15 pulp and paper facilities, including monthly and annual inspections, scheduling, schematic drawing and checklist creation, recordkeeping, and budgeting. In addition, he was responsible for spill prevention control, and countermeasures (SPCC) and stormwater compliance for multiple industrial facilities.

Today, by providing compliance solutions to over 70 pulp and paper facilities, Mr. Kennemur continues to expand the LDAR services practice both geographically and to new industrial sectors. Mr. Kennemur’s LDAR expertise continues to be highly regarded throughout the industry and has been designated as an internal best management practice by multiple pulp and paper companies. He manages the ever-expanding on-site compliance services practices that consist of water and air sampling, leak detection and inspections, tagging, labeling, and monitoring.

Mr. Kennemur is also a certified optical gas imaging (OGI) thermographer and manages OGI LDAR services using infrared cameras to multiple industrial facilities.

He continues to grow the Environmental 360 industrial client base through customer-committed service, quality-driven work, word-of-mouth references, and long-lasting relationships.

Mr. Kennemur currently resides in Rogersville, Alabama with his wife and two boys.